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I am fascinated by all of the makeup tutorials that seem to be taking over the internet recently. I think it’s amazing how you can literally transform your look within minutes, using just a few different techniques. I know some people say that wearing a lot of makeup is “fake” and “unrealistic,” but I think that’s totally false, and wearing makeup is an amazing form of self-expression and a display of artistic talent!

Although makeup is something that I love, unfortunately it is not something I’m very good at. Growing up, my mom never wore makeup and my friends weren’t very into it, either. So, I was forced to fend for myself and learn by trial and error. As a result, I have probably been doing the same, simple, and not-very-effective makeup routine since I was in middle school. It goes something like: face cream, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and maybe a hint of blush.

My makeup skills are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum of @LunaFortun – a makeup artist who is changing the game and making people go cray-zay. For good reason! Her looks are amazing and incredibly hypnotizing, proving that applying makeup truly is an art. A recent article on Cosmo online discusses the new obsession, and specifically focuses on her sunset look.












This photo has been retweeted over 85k times, liked over 73.9k times on Instagram, and shared far and wide across cyber-space. Though this is definitely viral-worthy (how did she do this by herself while staying perfectly symmetrical and no smudges?), I think that all of her pictures are just as amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite looks – AKA looks I will never, ever, be able to recreate. EVER.









































Photos courtesy of @lunafortun

Posted by Ally A.

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Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party!

Recently, Mattel announced its new “Next Gen” Ken Fashionista line. What does this mean exactly? Well, the iconic blonde male companion to Barbie now comes in three different body types, seven skin tones and nine hairstyles. And yes, a man bun version is available.









Ten of the dolls went on sale on June 20th, with five more available in stores within the next few months.

As for the update to the selections of Ken dolls, Barbie’s senior vice president and general manager Lisa McKnight explained, “By continuing to expand our product line, we are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation. Evolving Ken was a natural evolution for the brand and allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.”

m.blog readers, what do you think of Ken’s new looks?

























Images Source: Mattel

Posted by Christina V.

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The Rise of the Bezos Empire

Jeff Bezos is seriously on a mission to take over the world. This month, Amazon announced their $14 billion purchase of Whole Foods, and the country went wild. Continuously gaining more leverage within the confines of the retail goods market has always been Amazon’s “thing.” The growth of this company from an online bookseller to this beast (for lack of a better word) of a retailer has been beyond fascinating to watch. And now, it’s entered the $800 billion grocery industry with the purchase of one of the most upscale, popular grocery store chains in the entire nation. If this isn’t the most commanding way to assert dominance in the consumer market by an online commerce company, I don’t know what else it could be.

But wait…it’s Bezos. And it’s now a Bezos who is coming off the heels of putting the power of organic, overpriced groceries in his back pocket. So just one week later after the big grocery store win, he’s back again to remind the world that Amazon is still in touch with its retail roots with his latest rollout…

Folks, welcome to the new future of online clothes shopping: Prime Wardrobe. This new Amazon service (limited to Prime members) allows customers to order clothes without buying a single piece. Amazon only charges for the items consumers keep and makes shipping any unwanted items back an easy process by providing a preprinted shipping label and a resealable box.

Although Prime Wardrobe isn’t available yet, analysts already predict Amazon is soon to be the biggest apparel retailer in the United States. And I predict this isn’t going to be the last of the brilliant, exciting moves we’ll be seeing by Bezos and Amazon.











Photo Credit: SampleADay.com

Posted by Maya

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See Something, Say Something

The phrase took on a new meaning for me last week.

Reading about a recent, anti-Muslim harassing on the orange line got me thinking once again about public safety and how I might react to a similar situation. I don’t consider myself a particularly brave person, but I think it’s important to speak up and defend others and make it known that hate is not acceptable, in private or public spaces.

Hollaback! is a global organization that aims to end harassment and offers regular trainings and workshops – one of which offers tips for intervening when you see harassment on the street, on the T or out shopping. First, you should always assess your own safety before taking any action to intervene. It’s like I learned in Boy Scouts years ago, step one is always to make sure you are approaching a safe situation before offering first aid to others – two injured people does not a safer situation make. Beyond that, Metro US shares the five D’s of what to do if you see someone being harassed.

Direct Interaction: I’m cautious to use this tactic as it seems likely that the direct confrontation will escalate the situation.

Distract: It’s as simple as striking up a mundane conversation with the target of the harassment. Remove both parties from the situation by asking questions like “How’s your day going? Where are you headed? Do you know how to get to this T stop? I like your shirt – where’d you get it from?” It’s important to ignore the harasser, thereby deescalating the situation.

Delegation: Always use the resources available to you to report harassment you see – namely, transit  employees, police or security personnel.

Delay: These uncomfortable situations often crop up suddenly and unexpectedly. It might be nice to check in with the person being targeted to see if they’re okay.

Document: I’ll always have my phone on me when commuting or out in public in general. It’s easy enough to take your phone camera out to record conversations.

Sharon Tracy, executive director and cofounder of Quabbin Mediation in Orange, reminds Globe readers to remain realistic and to remember that danger is real. She goes on to say, “Calling the police in most situations is a good idea.”

I hope I’ll never have to be confronted with any such situation, but that’s the reality of the world today and I want to do my best to be prepared. It’s like those posters on the T and at the airport always say: “See something, say something.”

Posted by Mike

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Downward Facing Baby Goat

What could possibly be more relaxing than a baby goat ambling up and down your back or nibbling your shirt during child’s pose? As ridiculous as this sounds, goat yoga is a recent fitness trend sweeping the nation, even causing a 2,400-person waitlist at one Oregon farm.










Image Source: Google Images














Image Source: Twitter

No joke, the baby goats are released into the room and proceed to do typical baby goat things like play with one another, climb stuff (like your body), and chew on your clothes and yoga mat.

Their noises and adorable antics would provide a great distraction from my winces of pain, labored movements, and my stiff lower baaa-ck (sorry for that but I had to). Aside from being super cute and taking your mind off the agony, they can potentially offer therapeutic benefits for those suffering from anxiety or depression. Even their barn odor would mask the smell of sweat – there are just endless benefits for doing yoga with goats! I can also imagine it being somewhat calming watching and attempting to emulate the Zen-like state of a goat chewing its cud.

The goat owners are aware of the craze that’s turning heads and horns, so just be prepared to pay a hefty increase per session. SOUL Cycle, consider yourself warned!

Posted by Bill

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What the Freck?

When I see people with tattooed eyeliner or lipliner, I think it’s a bit odd, but also envy their efficiency (or laziness) in never having to apply makeup again. While I would never get makeup tattooed on my face (or anything tattooed on my face, for that matter), I understand why people would.

Anyone who knows me knows that my morning “beauty” routine consists of showering, throwing my hair in a wet bun/braid, two quick swoops of blush, eyeliner and mascara and that’s it. Growing up I was never allowed to wear makeup and as much as I hated my mom for it (in a teenage sense of the word “hate”) it made me appreciate natural beauty.

While I somehow got olive skin, much of my extended family was born with fair, Irish skin. Each summer their freckles come out to play and they’re #blessed with Irish Tans. The reason why these Irish Tans are so beautiful is because they’re NATURAL. They’re not something that you can purchase at Sephora and they can’t be drawn on…or so I thought.

Apparently freckle tats are now a thing…or a trend per credible news source, Buzzfeed. That’s right, people are getting brown dots tattooed on their faces. Welcome to 2017.

Below are some examples of the said “trend.” These people know tattoos are permanent, right…?








To each his own…for life!

Posted by Christina B.

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Taste the Pride!

June is Pride Month. It’s a month dedicated to celebrating differences and remembering how far the LGBTQ+ community has come and how far we still need to go as a society. Many brands and businesses partake in Pride Month by offering rainbow and brightly colored products to raise money and awareness. But what do you do if you already sell a rainbow-colored product, like Skittles for example?



Image Source: Bored Panda

Well, you lose the rainbow. That’s right, the iconic candy brand has been selling colorless confections in support of Pride Month. Their messaging is this: only one rainbow matters (which of course refers to the rainbow colors of the Pride flag). I think it’s genius and — on top the awareness it has created — Skittles will also be donating proceeds from these color-less candies to LGBTQ+ charities.

Not everyone is on board, however. Many people have taken to social media to express outrage with the brand’s decision to make every Skittle white. They think that if Skittles really wanted to celebrate diversity (not the point of the campaign, but I digress), then they wouldn’t have chosen to make every candy white (representing white people aka Caucasians), and they would have made more inclusive-colored (making that word up, but if fits) candies. The meaning behind the Skittles campaign — to give notice to Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community — has gotten lost. But it’s important to hear both sides and know what the conversation is. Either way you spin it, I think the brand did something good and had true intentions. As for making everyone happy – never gonna happen!

Posted by Allie M.

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What Do the Trump Board Game, Colgate Lasagna and Heinz “Green Sauce” Have in Common?

Image source TheLocal.se

Generally we don’t celebrate failure, but why is that? Doesn’t failing make us stronger? Though I don’t typically like to draw attention to my own #fails, I will gladly relish in those of others, especially if they are big name brands.

That’s why I am obsessed with the new Museum of Failure, which opened earlier this month in Sweden. The exhibition, currently presented in Swedish and English, highlights over 70 innovation failures from massive companies like Apple, Google, Sony, Coca-Cola, etc. Each product or service “provides unique insight into the risky business of innovation,” according to the museum’s website, so one can learn why these products failed.

Some of my fave items are Bic for Her (because apparently writing utensils can’t be gender neutral), the board game “Trump: I’m Back and You’re Fired” (timely), Harley Davidson cologne (which surprisingly does not smell like exhaust fumes) and Google Glass (which may be back soon enough).

If all goes my way, soon the RompHim will make an appearance in the exhibition. For now, I’m booking a flight to Helsingborg. Maybe I’ll come back with my million dollar idea!

Posted by Erin D.

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Battle of the Beauty: Kardashian Edition

‘Lil Kylie Jenner is known for a lot. Whether it be those lips, her public relationship with Tyga, social media feud with Blac Chyna or plastic surgery rumors, that chick is permanently plastered in the headlines. But love her or hate her, she has made a name for herself within the beauty community for her makeup line. It may not be the highest quality and it may be overpriced, but homegirl has built a successful brand of products, solidifying her reign as the Kardashian queen of beauty.

Image source: Bustle

That is, until big sis Kim came along and announced she’s dropping her own line of makeup this summer. Come June 21 (tomorrow, people!), the KKW Beauty cream contour kit will drop and Kylie’s spot on the throne will be a little smaller. However, this doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise though, because it is KKW who “revolutionized” today’s makeup trend of contouring, and she’s been the muse of several high profile makeup artists.

Image source: Google

If this will be anything like the launch of Kylie Cosmetics, you better be parked on www.kkwbeauty.com for the next 24 hours, refreshing the page while keeping your credit card info handy, if you’re hoping to score one of Kimmy’s palates. Only time will tell if Kim plans on entering the world of lip kits and encroaching her little sis.

Posted by Tracy

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Winning Way More than Championships

With Golden State’s recent 2017 NBA Championship title, the name “Curry” has re-surfaced, yet again. This talented, confident and charming star is back to not only steal the show, but also our hearts. And I’m not talking about Steph, but rather his very own Riley Curry.

This four-year old sensation made her debut two years ago on national TV when she decided that her dad’s post-game press conference was so much of a bore that she had to create some excitement for herself. A natural born star, Riley showcased her enthusiastic personality and witty commentary while tolerating Steph’s occasional responses to press in between her stunts.

Video Source: KNBR

Whether she’s hiding behind curtains, reciting Big Sean lyrics or just being herself, Riley has become such an icon for both the die-hard sports fanatics, as well as the other (not-so-fanatic) sports fans. I mean, her dad is great at basketball and all, but there’s no denying that she’s the true crowd pleaser. Following Golden State’s championship win, Riley knew what she had to do and she did not disappoint.

She first showcased her original dance moves while standing front and center during Steph’s initial interview:

Source: Twitter

Then, Riley used the Larry O’Brien trophy to look at her reflection and rotate her brand-new championship hat to the side. Power. Move.

Source: Twitter

Even though I’m a Celtics fan at heart, it’s almost hard to not root for Golden State when Riley just keeps on winning.

Posted By Olivia M.

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