10 Things You Should Know About Meghan Trainor. Right. Now.

For some reason, I’ve been living under a rock and JUST heard Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” Needless to say, I’m in love and have been playing the song on repeat since. Pulling from doo-wop, blue-eyed soul and pop genres, Meghan Trainor sounds like a mix of Adele and Duffy, which is pretty awesome in my book.

Here’s the skinny:

1. She’s 20. Let’s just leave it at that. #jealousy

imageImage source Twitter.com

2. She’s from Nantucket, MA. So she knows what’s up (Masshole, HOLLA!)

3. She moved to Nashville when she was 19 and helped write Rascal Flatts’ “DJ Tonight” and “I Like the Sound of That.”

4. She co-wrote All About That Bass with Kevin Kadish who has also collaborated with Stacie Orrico (only my favorite pop singer in the 7th grade), Jason Mraz, and Miley Cyrus. Yup, he’s pretty rad.

imageImage source Wikipedia.com

5. Like many other 90s children out there, she pulls her inspiration from only the greatest: Beyonce & X-Tina. The fiercest of the fierce!

imageImage source PrettyMuchAmazing.com

imageImage source NewNowNext.com

6. It’s the #1 song in Australia which is totally relevant. Australians KNOW their music. (i.e. Havana Brown, Betty Who, Iggy Azalea)

7. She’s still a fan girl and gets giddy about Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. She states “I met Harry, and he’s like a friend now. We just texted each other a minute ago, and I’m still sweating over it.”


8. She plays the ukulele which is one of the coolest/cutest instruments.

9. She’s bringing booty back, much like JT brought Sexy back… But this is on a whole other level.

image10. SHE’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS which is the laid back, easier-listen to Taylor Swift’s cringing new song, “Shake It Off.” 3LW and Florence and the Machine want their chorus back, Taylor.

If you’ve been with me under that rock, here’s the video to the jam:

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