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100 Days in and I’m still stressed AF

100 Days in and I’m still stressed AF

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Every year a new report shows Americans are overly anxious, tightly wound and stressed AF.

I’m a stressed and anxious millennial, so you don’t have to sell me on the hard science behind these reports. But, I think most of us will agree the last few months have taken stress to a new level. I may have just made the understatement of the year but stay with me here. Nothing, nothing gets my anxiety going like thinking about the man who treats our nuclear codes as photo props.

Well, guess what – I’m not alone, and apparently neither are you. Per a recent study from CareDash, nearly 60% of Americans report still being anxious because of the November election results. It turns out that binge watching Netflix’s isn’t a great coping mechanism after all. Who knew?

While we can’t change the new administration, right now it’s more important than ever to practice #selfcare. Thankfully, CareDash is making “me time” a little easier by providing honest reviews of healthcare providers (e.g. making it easier for you to find the right therapist).

We may not feel like we have control over how the political cookie crumbles, but at least we can hand-pick the right healthcare provider. Let’s be honest, if you have time to read the dozens of Amazon reviews while you search for the perfect blender,  you have a few minutes to find the right healthcare provider. After work today, I’m swapping out an episode of 13 Reasons Why for a few minutes reading doctor reviews on CareDash.

Posted by Giana