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12 Shoes for 12 Lovers

12 Shoes for 12 Lovers

Image source 12Shoesfor12Lovers

A little too often, the Internet allows crazy star-crossed lovers to take post-dating redemption too far (I’m lookin’ at you, Are You Up). Nothing like confirming that your ex is a total asshole by seeing your own naked bod on the Web!

The good news is that as 2014 approaches, porno redemption is on the outs and artistic, fashion-forward chronicles of lovers past are officially in. Take New York-based sculptor Sebastian Errazuriz, for example. Inspired by a dozen of his former lovers, Errazuriz has taken to his craft to recreate their personas in 12 pairs of incredibly designed shoes, all on display now through January 6 at Miami’s Art Basel.

Highlights include footwear inspired by Alice, “The Rock,” formed within a wedge of black magma-like material; Barbara, aka “G.I. Jane,” all dolled up in green with an army figurine embellishing her toes; and Alison, the “Gold Digger” of the bunch, personified through a gilded, robe-wrapped man holding the weight of the shoe-wearer body on his shoulders.

Is it weird that I want to own the pair inspired by “Honey,” the gal who left a fresh-baked cookie on Seb’s bedside table after a late night rendezvous?

Posted by Mary