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1200 Posters

1200 Posters

Through work with a fast-growing arts and mental health advocacy group in Rhode Island, Peace Love Studios, I was introduced to another cool creative team, Big New Ideas. Both worth checking out!

The focus of this blog post, however, is a side project led by Big New Ideas called 1200 Posters. The collaborative arts initiative is focused on promoting up-and-coming young artists and speaking to the power of community, collaboration and conversation. In the spirit of 20×200, on the 12th of every month for one year (started Oct. 2010) a new limited-edition (100) poster print will be made available for purchase online, priced at $25. The designs are as funky and diverse as the artists themselves—hailing from ‘hoods from Hong Kong and Aachen to St. Louis and Andover, MA.

I just bought JooHee Yoon’s poster from January (pictured above). It may not be a rare Picasso, but considering I had this poster on my wall in college, I think we can all agree it’s a step up!

Posted by Sam

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