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Dog Street Journal

Dog Street Journal

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Thanks to recent viral footage of a dog attacking a small child, who was then successfully rescued by a cat, dogs have been getting a pretty bad rap in the news lately. As soon as a sly cat does one thing to better the world, everyone applauds. Dogs rescue people and perform miracles every day and you don’t see them asking for international recognition. Let’s compare: A YouTube search for “cat rescues child” produces less than 7,000 results. A YouTube search for “dog rescues child” generates more than 81,000. You do the math. So you can understand why it doesn’t sit right with me that no one has done anything to defend man’s best friend.

There are several reasons why dogs deserve more attention than cats. First of all, dogs do so much more for the world. What has your cat done lately? Probably just stepped on all the keys on your keyboard and got some cat litter stuck in there, is what. Now, I hate to discriminate, but you could fill an entire newspaper with dog-related news. A cat newspaper would be blank, since all they would do is rip it into shreds, play with the rolled up balls of paper, or hide under it. If you don’t believe me, all the proof you need is below:

News People care that other people are leaving their dogs in the car while they spend hours in Target’s $1 section. A cop in LA rescued 2 dogs named Simba and Scar from a car by smashing the windows, owners were arrested, and a charity begins PSA campaign. Cats think every car ride means the vet, which is probably true since you can’t bring them anywhere and they can’t have nice things.

Studies Dogs are proven to have a moral code and emotions. It was also recently proven that dogs are capable of loving their owners. Cats know nothing of these things.

Health Dogs are your best friend, your therapist, and now, your doctor. Don’t bother complaining to a cat as the only reaction you will get is a hairball at most, before it slinks away.

Tech Even though they will more likely chase the drone than be walked by it, dogs can be just as high tech as you. Cats are only interested in sleeping near your computer for the warmth.

Crime National Dog Bite Awareness Week means educating yourself about how to approach a dog. This is not an issue for anyone looking to pet a cat, as it will avoid you at all costs.

Profiles This guy profiles dogs in cities, similar to Humans of New York. There is no way he owns a snarky cat.

Products Dogs don’t need many products but this one is a must for summertime camping. You know you can’t risk bringing the cat camping since it would definitely leave you.

Sports Highlights from the 2013 Flyball competition in which dogs continue to be agile, intelligent, and cute. There are no cat sports and there is a reason for that.

Internet Disclaimer: Cats are great.

Posted by Audrey