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230 Fifth: Once You Go Up…

230 Fifth: Once You Go Up…

I have a penchant for outdoor eating and drinking. There’s something about warm wind in my hair as I sip a delicious libation that gives me delight, unparalleled to anything else. On a recent trip to NYC, my friend Jillian took me to a rooftop lounge that she described as “right up my alley”…she couldn’t have been more right.

230 Fifth is sexy, sleek and has an amazing view of the NYC skyline. Upon stepping out of the elevator to 230 Fifth’s enclosed Penthouse Lounge, I was already in awe. Dimly lit and luxurious, this 8,000 square foot lounge is reminiscent of Boston’s Top of the Hub, but with all due respect to Bostonia, SO much cooler. Floor to ceiling windows line the walls, giving patrons an outstanding view of Manhattan, while the dark tables and couches scattered among the lounge draw you in. I was already in love, but as my friend led me up additional stairs and exclaimed, “It gets better”, I was giddy with the anticipation of what was to come.

The rooftop is breathtaking. Adorned with palm trees, candlelight and several spacious bars, 230 Fifth had saved the best for the roof. We quickly made ourselves comfortable in an oasis of meticulously groomed shrubbery strung with white lights. The Chrysler Building and Empire State Building stood prominently in the distance as gorgeous cocktail waitresses flitted around the space in stylish black attire. With an enticing cocktail list, averaging around $14 per drink, one could easily get engulfed by 230 Fifth’s intriguing vodka, gin and champagne creations and sexy ambience.

Each warm summer breeze that blew through the air seemed to bring more beautiful people in with it. As the night grew on, a certain allure came alive among the rooftop’s patrons. The moonlight illuminated shadows of palm trees dancing with the wind; covering the faces of many and making it seem as if everyone was a celebrity in the darkness. A place like this makes anything seem possible…and with a bedtime of 4am, maybe it is.

In a sense, 230 Fifth represents everything NYC should be—on top of the trends and on top of the world. If you’re looking for a sexy getaway that rests high above the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, 230 Fifth is place a visit before summer says goodbye. But remember, once you go up, you may never want to come down….

Posted by Alyssa