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Fierce Five Fever!

Fierce Five Fever!

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The Summer Olympics begin in a few short weeks and our team here at marlo marketing is READY. It seems like just yesterday we were all marveling over the stray dogs, unfinished hotel rooms and double toilets in Sochi and now we’ve moved onto bigger and better corrupt places like…Rio. What will the drama be this time around? Zika scare? Contaminated water? One thing’s for sure, we’ll be waiting with bated breath, along with a side of pure relief that we lost our Olympic bid for the 2024 games, and our so-called “dirty water” can remain dirty and green lines can still operate above ground.

Aside from the countdown to when the media arrive and start documenting what is sure to be pure horror, there is one thing I’m even more excited to see – Gymnastics.

Growing up as a dancer, it was always an anomaly to me that while I could do high kicks, splits, leaps and shimmies, I could never master the simple task of a cartwheel. Today, gymnastics has surpassed the art of somersaults, cartwheels and back handsprings and has moved to things called wolf turns, layouts, pikes and some mysterious thing called tumbling. While I find these terms to be confusing and nonsensical, I am absolutely mesmerized.

Happy Olympics and GO USA!


Posted by Emily.