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Millennials Rejoice – The 90’s Are Back!

Millennials Rejoice – The 90’s Are Back!

Image source Cosmo

If you grew up (or existed) in the 90’s, you have experienced some extreme nostalgia this year. From the reboot of Full House in the form of Fuller House, to Juicy tracksuits, to the resurgence of Pokemon in the most viral smartphone game probably ever, Pokemon Go, it’s hard to remember a time when the 90’s were more on trend (well, except maybe in the 90’s!).

In case you haven’t been following, I’ve rounded up just a few of the ways the 90’s have made a comeback of late:

Spice Girls Reunion

Several rumors have circulated in recent years that the lady pop powergroup will reunite and make all of our 90’s girl power dreams come true. A couple of weeks ago, we got closer to that dream when Spices Ginger, Baby, and Scary posted a 20th anniversary teaser video under the name GEM (the first initials of their names). Though it won’t be the same without Posh and Sporty (who haven’t commented on the subject or appeared in any videos), this reunion is something I can get behind. So come on girls, give us what we want (what we really, really want).

Lisa Frank Clothing
Hands down, my favorite part of a new school year back in the 90’s was shopping for school supplies. And, being the trendy gal that I was, I always insisted on Lisa Frank everything. From backpacks to stickers to pencil cases, if it wasn’t adorned in obnoxiously bright cartoons of unicorns and tigers, it wasn’t for me. Now, Lisa Frank has clothing line at RageOn! And Macy’s featuring neon-pattered leggings, crop tops, and graphic tees. While I don’t think I will be sporting a rainbow tiger sweatshirt anytime soon, I do appreciate the nostalgic reminder of one of my fave brands from back in the day.

Disney Channel Original Movies
If you didn’t watch Brink! at least 49 times in the late 90’s, you can’t be my friend. I legitimately believe that Erik von Detten taught me what love is. And to the excitement of millennials everywhere, Disney Channel played every single Disney Channel Original Movie ever made over Memorial Day weekend in celebration of the 100th film. Needless to say, the full collection is DVR’ed on my television (thanks, roomies!).

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but chokers are a thing again, and everyone from Forever 21 to Givenchy is selling them.

A Clinton Running for President
I’m not going to get political here, but we very well may have another Clinton in the White House very soon. So 90’s!

It seems like the 90’s nostalgia is only beginning, but you can be sure I am looking out for the next trend to resurface (looking at you, butterfly clips).

Posted by Erin D.