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Viva La Stool

Viva La Stool

Image source Boston Herald

Barstool Sports has a new head honcho. But, before I go any further, you should get the stereotypical image of a “bro” out of your head because this new CEO is in fact a woman. Meet Erika Nardini.

Shocked? We were too. If you weren’t, let me back up for a second and familiarize you with the culture of BS.

Described as “By the common man, for the common man,” the site reviews sports and girls…yes, they actually review girls. There is an entire section of the website that is dedicated to “Smokeshow of the Day” where readers can vote on which two selected women are “hotter.”

Nardini says in a Fortune interview that she has “been hugely passionate about the site for a long time,” which in itself is a little unusual, given that the site’s main audience ranges from teenage boys to 50 year old men.

So, what is Nardini — who was previously CMO for AOL and has worked for Demand Media, Yahoo and Microsoft — doing as the new face of Barstool?

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy told the Boston Herald, “When people say we are sexist, I like having that in my back pocket.”

Right now, Nardini is the only female employee at Barstool Sports… I just hope she isn’t the last.

Posted by Evelyn.