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Full Marky

Full Marky

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When my friend first told me that Trump was running for president I told him he was full of sh%#. Sure, he was a reality star and worked in real estate, but there was nothing real about him whatsoever and I knew this rumor couldn’t possibly be real, right? Wrong. I then heard that Clinton was running and I asked my dad about that possible dual-Irish citizenship some of his cousins have in case I have to pack my bags.

A group of Hollywood actors and actresses (and an illegal immigrant thrown in there for their “unpolished sincerity”) got together and figured out how we can Save the Day. Their answer is simple – don’t vote for Trump. Like me, they’re not super supportive of any candidate, but they understand that our country will be turned into a circus if an orange clown hiding under a combed-over toupee is our leader. They even volunteer Mark Ruffalo to be naked in his next movie if Trump does not win – yup, “full marky.” I’m in.

The apocalypse of America is coming on November 8 and the only thing we can do now is laugh.

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So there you have it — “Make Mark be naked by making your mark on November 8” – the only piece of truth in this whole damn election.


Posted by Christina B.