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Give Me The Dough

Give Me The Dough

Growing up, my mom never let me eat the raw cookie dough. She always warned that it was dangerous and that I would get sick if the eggs were bad. Most of the time she would put the mixing bowl in the sink and start washing it out before I even got the chance to sneak a taste. So, needless to say, I went years without knowing the magic of eating raw cookie dough.

When I finally got the chance to taste raw dough (I think at a friend’s house. I know, I was such a rebel.) it was love at first taste. I was probably most excited because I felt so bad a$$ and was going against one of the strictest rules my parents had (I know, I’m very lucky that that was one of the strictest rules…). But, nonetheless, it has been my obsession ever since.

Sooooo, when I heard about Cookie Do  in NYC  I immediately put it at the top of my must-do-in-NYC list. The cafe has multiple flavors to choose from, with the option of eating the dough on a cone, in a cup, or mixed in a milkshake! And, to top it all off – NO RAW EGGS! Yup, this dough is completely safe to eat as it’s made with pasteurized egg product as well as a heat-treated, ready-to-eat flour. You hear that, mom!?


Posted by Ally A.