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Is Liberty Wharf the New Marina Bay?

Is Liberty Wharf the New Marina Bay?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of a Liberty Wharf pub crawl. I’ve dragged friends and coworkers out to the Seaport on more than one occasion to hit the bars at Temazcal, Jerry Remy’s, the new Legal Sea Foods and Del Frisco’s. While one of these nights almost ended at the Glass Slipper (no comment), the most recent Friday night ended with me hailing a cab on Northern Avenue thinking to myself, “is Liberty Wharf the new Marina Bay?”

As the Massachusetts counterparts of the Jersey Shore scene stumbled across the board walk in sequin leggings and Ed Hardy t-shirts while aggressively puffing away on a Newport Light, I couldn’t help thinking that this ‘hood was slightly on the cheesy side. Maybe I should have known before (I mean, there’s a Jerry Remy’s here, after all), but I was equally blinded by the flashy glass building as the rest of the B&T crowd.* While there’s nothing wrong with drinking pricey cocktails next to a woman dressed like J-Woww (true story—she was wearing Lucite heels and a backless shirt), I liked knowing that, up until recently, this was happening a safe distance away in the charming hamlet of Quincy, not here in my Boston backyard.

Regardless, I’ll still be making my pub crawl pilgrimages to Liberty Wharf. It’s the only place in town where you can shoot 300 kinds of tequila, eat a burger on fried dough, slurp oysters and go caveman on a $90 steak—all within puking distance of one another.

*As a Cantabrigian living on the other side of the river, I use that term affectionately and with complete self-awareness.

Posted by Amelia