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Salzburg’s Top 10

Salzburg’s Top 10

I recently returned to Salzburg for a good friend’s wedding. It had been nearly 20 years since I’d last been there; way too long for someone who typically doesn’t remember what they ate for breakfast to recall what a great place it is without again setting foot on Austrian soil.  Definitely doable over a long weekend, although you’ll want to spend a few days in the surrounding countryside if for no other reason than to marvel at the manicured “lawns” that seem to make up the entire country (who mows the lawn?!). So Letterman-style, here’s my list of “10 Things I Loved About Salzburg” (in no particular order of importance). Drum roll, please!!:

1.     Devouring hot, crispy fried chicken accompanied by a cold local Steig beer while standing at a makeshift table of a plank/milk crates. Now that’s a food truck!

 2.     Gruner Veltliner on EVERY wine list!

 3.     Enjoying a traditional Viennese breakfast with Lulu (she passed on the coffee; was partial to the ham and soft boiled egg) inside the Café Tomaselli.

4.     Learning that pretty much everything I thought I knew about the von Trapp family from The Sound of Music is a straight out Hollywood fabrication. But according to the tour guide (don’t judge—the wedding couple coordinated it!), MVT got a cool $900K (we’re talking 1960’s so not a bad sell out) to keep her “trapp” (get it?) shut.

5.     Traditional Austrian dress as legit daily clothing.

6.     Produce at the outdoor market that is more “still-life” than “Stop and Shop”.

7.     The garage level at the hotel:  -1.

8.     Watching the opening night performance of the Salzburg Festival en plein air on a big screen (thanks Siemens. Sponsor call out!) with the Cathedral of Salzburg to my left and the Mönchsberg to my right.

9.     Seeing the back of the Schloss Leopoldskron from a “public-only” distance across the lake as the site where the boat scene in TSOM was filmed; having private access to the other side as a guest at a wedding held there later that night.

10.   Hotel bathroom soap called “Tricky Ricky”.  Visiting the website to write this post and learning that the names for the rest of the line’s products are even better.

Now keep an eye out for cheap flights—here’s to hoping you’re convinced it’s worth the trip!  Prost!

Posted by Marlo