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7 Carat Ring, $30,000 Wedding Dress, $6,000 Cake…Oh My!

7 Carat Ring, $30,000 Wedding Dress, $6,000 Cake…Oh My!

On a snowy day this winter, I discovered my new guilty pleasure. I wasn’t looking for it, it just happened to appear on my television screen and as soon as I began watching, I was hooked. Seven carat diamond rings, custom-made designer wedding gowns, bouquets embellished with Swarovski crystals on every flower…‘Platinum Weddings’ on WeTV has me hooked.

In the midst of an economic downturn, ‘Platinum Weddings’ proves that the recession has not affected everyone. Each episode follows a new bride and groom-to-be through the planning of their wedding day. Every episode I watch appears more lavish than the last. We’re talking $30,000 for a wedding dress, $100,000 for lighting, $10,000 for custom linens and exquisite 5-6 course meals for 500+ guests.

My favorite episodes include the couple who hired an impressionist painter to paint the scene of their reception as it was taking place. Fireworks that illuminated the sky at the exact moment the bride and groom cut the cake. A groom who bought his bride-to-be a $200,000 necklace for her “something new”. A meticulously carved ice bar that displayed the couple’s monogram. And everyone’s favorite part of the wedding…dessert! An 8 tier wedding cake for $6,000.

With all the glitz and glam of these weddings, it’s sometimes hard to see the actual love between the bride and groom. Call me a hopeless romantic, but shouldn’t a wedding be about the union of two people in love versus showing off how lavish a party they can throw? Whether these couples are in love or not isn’t the point of ‘Platinum Weddings’, which airs at 10pm/9c on Sundays or is available for viewing on Comcast’s On Demand under WeTV. ‘Platinum Weddings’ is meant to exemplify the vision of the fairytale wedding and the idea of a limitless budget.

“With extra glitz, a load of glamour and an impeccable attention to detail”, I’d suggest watching at least one episode of ‘Platinum Weddings’ to get the full meaning of the word “decadence”.

WARNING: It may make you sick to your stomach as you watch the sum of your yearly paycheck appear on the screen as the same price as the bride’s bejeweled Italian shoes. But if there’s a secret part of you that dreams in platinum, you may also find your next guilty pleasure!

Posted by Alyssa