Spicy Sucker

Image source Lollyphile via Cool Material

I’m pretty into spicy foods. More often than not, when dining out and a server asks “Can I get you anything else?” my next request is usually for my personal fave: sriracha. Sorry, Frank, but I’ll put that shit on everything.

Where I *may* draw the line? Lollipops. The folks over at the San Francisco company, Lollyphile, have concocted what I can only imagine to be a seriously spicy shock to your mouth with their latest flavor. While I may love the taste of sriracha on eggs, burgers, veggies, and more, I’m not sure I could handle this — while it is at the bottom of the Scoville scale — on my tongue for very long.

Some of their 20 flavors (and counting) I would be into? Absinthe, Bourbon, and Bellini…

Betcha can’t guess my favorite drink.

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