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90s Geek is Gen Y’s…Chic?

90s Geek is Gen Y’s…Chic?

We all know the saying “history repeats itself,” and I think it’s pretty safe to say that fashion repeats itself, too. With my mom as my witness, she never thought she would see me wearing her cropped, green silk blouse, complete with shoulder pads and a chunky-heel pump pattern (it’s not as ugly as it sounds!).

He wasn’t cool in the 90s, but if the geeked-out Steve Urkel were a prominent TV figure today, Laura Winslow might think twice about telling him to “Go home!”  Who knew the revenge of the nerds would be so sartorially accepted?

The slim-hipped, high-waisted, acid-washed jeans that define 90s geek and grunge are now staples in the dream wardrobe of any self-respecting hipster. Take out the prescription lenses from those tortoise shell glasses and you’ve got yourself a bona fide Gen Y man-child. If I saw this outfit walking down the street, I wouldn’t think twice about it (although, you really don’t see much of this in Boston, unless you go to Emerson).

Don’t get your hopes up, Laura. Just because retro threads are in right now, it doesn’t make Steve Urkel any less of a loser, or hipsters cool. And don’t worry Alyssa—I have a feeling slap bracelets will make their way back into fashion.

Posted by Hannah