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First, Twitter brought us #whitegirlproblems then came #prgirlproblems and now friends, I am proud to introduce you to my new favorite, #90sgirlproblems.

If you are a product of the 1990s (meaning you’re probably in your 20s and 30s and wishing your job was cool like Sue Ellen’s in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead), you will relish in all that this hashtag has to offer; think of it as a place to mourn Kimmy Gibbler, buddy icons and Clueless.

Somebody, grab me my Lisa Frank tissues,  I feel nostalgic!

Why can’t I still watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? and not be able to fall asleep? How come I can no longer sign onto AOL and ask someone their A/S/L? Side note: I still talk to my internet friend, Colin from Texas aka FerventFenix, who I met in chatroom in 1998. No, I am not a weirdo.

Ok, enough with the tears, watch this Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen video and feel nausea instead. A big thank you to the hands of time for transitioning them out of their 1990s matching outfits and into bizarre boho clothes instead.

Puke-fest aside, for those of you, who like me, still want to reminisce about the 90s (the good, the bad and the ugly) let me share a few of my own example #90sgirlproblems tweets:

Are the slap bracelets and pencil grips of yesterday gone forever? #90sgirlproblems

Will Zack and Kelly have beautiful babies together? #90sgirlproblems

How come my tamagotchi doesn’t eat? #90sgirlproblems

Does body glitter go with every outfit? #90sgirlproblems

Can T.G.I.F ever regain its television meaning?  #90sgirlproblems

Seriously, where the f is Clarissa to explain it all?! #90sgirlproblems

Get the idea? Well now it’s your turn…take a trip down memory lane and tweet yourself silly with #90sgirlproblems.

Posted by Alyssa