A Bite Worth Savoring


Over President’s Day weekend, I had the opportunity to eat lunch at one of Boston’s new “hot” spots, Barbara Lynch’s Sportello on Congress Street. The look is a modern “diner” café with chrome bar seats, white counter tops, and skinny silverware, all set in an open floor plan—New York City chic meets Boston’s “friendly neighborhood” feel.

When it came to ordering, I kept going back between the polenta with porcini in a ragu sauce and the potato gnocchi with porcini, peas, in a butter cream sauce. I decided to order the potato gnocchi and, as the white china was placed in front of me, I ‘ooh’d and ahh’d’. My first bite into the plump pasta sent the taste of butter and cream bursting in my mouth. My taste buds were hooked and I continued to eat, switching the pasta with a mushroom and then a pea. The sauce was light, and the porcini and peas were sautéed with the cream which complimented the homemade gnocchi.

I recommend the potato gnocchi and would order again! If you are going to be in the Congress Street/Seaport area visit Sportello, take a seat at the counter and I bet you’ll agree that the modern vibe and Italian dishes make each bite worth savoring.

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