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A Case for the Sanity of Shia LaBeouf

A Case for the Sanity of Shia LaBeouf

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At this point in life, I think that I am pretty alone in saying that I love Shia LaBeouf.

My love started young when he made me cry of laughter at his awkward curly-haired depiction of Louis on Even Stevens. It further developed when he hit puberty and transformed into a mainstream heartthrob, perfectly showcased in his edgy, dark and twisty, yet emotional character of Kale in Disturbia. His characters in Transformers, Indiana Jones, Eagle Eye and Wall Street were merely icing on the cake. I was, for all intents and purposes, Emily Jeanne LaBeouf.

Although I haven’t always been a crusader for his artistic antics, like that time he dabbled in performance art with the “I Am Sorry” exhibit, wore a bag over his head and offered attendees to use a plyer or a whip on him, showed his sausage in this video short, or been in some weird, semi-questionable Sia music video with 12 year old Maddie Ziegler, he’s always been very open about his missteps, shortcomings, and for the lack of a better word—f#ck ups.

Not going to lie, I respect and genuinely like the guy. He looks at life through an artistic lens and you can’t hate him for that. He’s always trying something new to explore his inner self, and push his internal limits, for instance his newest and most interesting venture, a motivational speaker:

I’ve got to admit, this video IS a little laughable. But at the same time, his points are simple and concise. So many of us set goals, and then never take steps to successfully fulfill those goals. He may seem crazy, but his argument is viable. The only offensive thing about this video is his rat tail. That is one thing I can’t get past. Please Shia, figure it out. But I still love you.


Posted by Emily