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A Cinched Waist Without Sacrificing Taste

A Cinched Waist Without Sacrificing Taste

I’ve never been a big dieter. All the juicing, paleo lifestyles and goop cleanses are a little too much for my liking. Instead, I do my best to eat what makes me feel good (yes, sometimes that’s a few slices of cheese and an everything bagel) and work out on the reg. But a new diet fad has caught my eye and it has nothing to do with slurping down green goo.

According to The Daily Beast, The Corset Diet brings a little bit of the 18th century back to life by cinching waists and shrinking bellies while limiting excessive food intake. It’s pretty simple really. Corset Dieters wear a corset for extended periods of time, limiting food consumption by squeezing dieters’ abdomens.

You know that moment when you’re about to finish a huge meal and you unbutton your jeans to let your stomach hang out in all its food-stuffed glory? That moment is virtually impossible if you’re wearing a corset, hence the kibosh on overeating.

Perhaps the most convincing of Corset Diet success stories comes from Jessica Alba, who credits her post-baby body to wearing corsets day and night for three full months after each of her pregnancies. Now that’s dedication.

Not sure I want to say goodbye to my unbuttoned pants and maxi skirt options in exchange for a squeezed in tummy, but this certainly beats what Gwyneth Paltrow has to offer.

Posted by Mary