A fix for the Feigns

When asked the time-old personality defining question, “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are the three things you would bring,” my answer is quite easy: my phone, a good book, and a big ol’ salt shaker.

As a self-proclaimed (and society-confirmed) salt feign, my worst nightmare is a restaurant that doesn’t leave a shaker on the table. I get it; it is “offensive” for me to add salt to your dish given that it’s “perfect the way it is” however, for those of us who just crave a little bit of enhancement (get your mind out of the gutter!) of taste, eyeing the container of salt when I sit down to eat is the first thing I do.

Need me to put it into more of a perspective? I was cleaning out my room in preparation to move and found a single salt shaker in my backpack used in college. Where did I acquire this salt shaker? Well, let’s just say sneaking into my university’s dining hall at night to nab a salt shaker was not out of the ordinary for me

While I have a life of high blood pressure to look forward to, some genius in Tokyo has my well-being in mind and has created an electro fork that sends a “salty taste” (READ: not real salt) to your taste buds when the button is pressed. The fork is still in its trial stages and isn’t available for retail, however once it goes public I’m putting some serious bones ($$$) down to invest for life.

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