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A French Twist on an American Classic

A French Twist on an American Classic

Image Source OhMyMag

There’s no denying we have seen donut variations snowball into a global sensation. It all began with the cronut, the offspring of a croissant and a donut. Then back in August, right here on, we introduced you guys to the delicious milky bun, where your original jelly-filled donut gets an upgrade. Earlier this month, we stumbled upon the everything donut (not sure how I feel about this one, to be honest…).

I would now like to introduce you to the macaronut, a gift from French pastry God himself, Francois Payard. Based in New York with five different locations, the fan dubbed “macaronut” is a macaroon donut that debuted on March 20th, which also happens to be National Macaroon Day. (Coincidence or brilliant marketing idea? You be the judge!) Payard created the macaronut after being inspired by the many donut hybrids that have taken the foodie world by storm, while also keeping true to his French roots.

Right now, only one flavor is available: a strawberry macaroon base and top with strawberry creme in between, decorated with sprinkles. Rumor has it if they get a positive response, Francois might be open to the idea of developing more flavors. At $5 a pop, each pastry is about the size of your hand. You can get them every weekend at any of Francois Payard’s locations in New York City, but be prepared to get there early, and wait a lonnnnng time.

Anyone up for an impromptu trip to NYC?


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