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A Guide to Flowering Indoor House Plants

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A Guide to Flowering Indoor House Plants

Image Source: Good Housekeeping 

I’ve lived in several different apartments in my adult life, and as I‘ve gotten older, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly frustrated trying to make each new apartment feel like a home. Who knows how long this one will last and what the next one will have in store for me. It’s difficult to validate investing in the perfect furniture or high quality home décor.

While I can’t control the size and shape of each and every new apartment, there is a simple and quite literal way to add a little life to your home: PLANTS. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll understand the struggle that comes with trying to keep house plants alive. Why is it so difficult and why aren’t there any easy-to-care-for house plants that also have a little bit of color? Am I asking for too much?

Apparently, I’m not! After a little bit of research, I found a few plants that check both boxes. Join me in making your own indoor secret garden with these suggestions:

  • Bromeliads: Exotic plants that come in several varieties. Caring for them is simple: they like bright light and appreciate constant moisture but are forgiving if you’re travelling and forget to water them.
  • Orchids: Okay, hear me out. I know they’re known to be temperamental but I just recently read that the ice cube method works for these babies.
  • Anthuriums: These bright and beautiful red plants are supposedly the easiest to care for. They don’t need much water and are generous with their blooms. Sign me right on up!
  • African Violets: The trick with these pink, purple, and white little darlings is to water underneath foliage, as their flowers are quite delicate.
  • Kalanchoes: If you’re into big bursts of color (who isn’t) then these puppies are for you. Kalanchoes are part of the succulent family, so they require very little maintenance. Only water when the soil feels dry. That sounds easy enough, right?

Posted by Abby