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A Hairy Situation-Turned-Lesson

A Hairy Situation-Turned-Lesson

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We all remember the YouTube phenomenon Tori Locklear’s hair-curling tutorial disaster (more so the disaster, less so her name—I just looked it up). That one section of perfectly coiled hair, though burnt and separated from her head, got the teenage aspiring cosmetologist over 33 million views on YouTube, several small-screen appearances on Today and Ellen, and even some news articles with NY Daily News. Apparently embarrassing hair fails are all the rage, America!

But ladies (and long-haired gents), I am here to warn you of another potential hair nemesis…the dreaded and ever-so-useful STRAIGHTENER. Ahhhh! I have had a first-hand horrible experience with this flaming hot iron of hair death. In fact, the SAME thing happened to me as Tori Locklear…but at least she got 15 minutes out of it.

Picture this: I’m getting ready to leave for the senior formal, all dressed and made-up, walking out the door in 20 minutes. I think to myself, “maybe I’ll just straighten one piece and see how it looks with this dress.” I’ve straightened my hair millions of times, so I thought I had nothing to worry about (except for the typical 24 Epic Struggles Of Straightening Your Hair Every Day, but that’s beside the point).

Well, BIG MISTAKE. I have clamped the scorching plates down for too long—it’s. all. over. The dirty blonde section framing my face turns an orange-rust color, and the bottom 3/4ths of it FALL OUT. I am now a clown with a boy haircut. Nice.

So moral of the story—be wary of the curling-iron (as exhibited by Tori Locklear) and of the flat-iron/straightener (as exhibited by yours truly). Read up on How To Not Let Your Straightener Ruin Your Hair via the Huffington Post Style section. Here’s a tip, and most likely common sense for the lot of you out there, but apparently not myself: clasping the straightener down harder and longer will not make your hair look better with that dress…it’ll only make you think “where’d my hair go?”

PS, here’s how the story turned out: I frantically booked a salon appointment for the next week, and now I’m thankfully on the mend (while constantly checking my hair growth.) The funny part—okay one of the funny parts—is that as I was leaving my appointment, one of the stylists asked me “are you actually the girl from the YouTube video?”  Classic. Close, but no 15 minutes of fame cigar!

Posted by Vicky