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A White Supremacist Handsome Guy for You

A White Supremacist Handsome Guy for You

Have you ever wondered where all the attractive men are while waiting, nay, yearning to be swept off your feet?  Well, SPFX Masks, the one-stop superstore for all your facial disguises, has answered your prayers with the “Handsome Guy Mask.”  And by “answered your prayers,” I mean scared the living shit out of you.

Known for their realistic Zombie, Wolfman, and Lucifer masks, SPFX has branched out to supply all you average guys out there with the ultimate ruse to attract the ladies.  Hey, it is called “Handsome Guy Mask” after all.

I will warn you, however.  In my personal, and let’s face it, expert, opinion, you wear this, and all you’re going to attract are Ann Coulter wannabes and members of the Aryan Nations.  Seriously, under whose authority is this look deemed “handsome?”  To each his own, but if I were to see this dude walking down the street, I might have to call up Chris Hansen.

Posted by Haley