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A Lesson in Sexting

A Lesson in Sexting

Sexting: the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit.

In the last year, the word “sexting” entered mainstream vocabulary so quickly that it’s hard to imagine a conversation without it. It left the halls of middle and high schools, moved through the college dormitories, and is now a fixture in some of the most respected media outlets. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more have all covered scandalous sexting stories about everything from child pornography laws to Tiger’s recently-released XXX text talk.

It’s all TMI. As tech evolves, our methods of communication have too, and people are 100x more bold when it comes to expressing themselves sexually. Can you imagine someone taking the time to send a handwritten dirty letter through the mail? The instant gratification of it all makes it so easy to act without thinking, and somehow the cell phone has offered up a shield to protect us from embarrassment.

I highly doubt Tiger would have had the cajones to say — face to face — most of the things he sexted. Similarly, the skeevy Jesse James used his cell to *wink* and talk about “licking” with the tatted up gal he cheated on Sandra Bullock with. Sure, talking dirty has often been a part of intimacy, but with the ability to hide behind a phone, the sheer volume and extent of it all has reached new heights. It’s like it doesn’t count if it doesn’t come directly from one’s mouth. But, if you wouldn’t want your S.O. — or friends, colleagues, or hell, grandmother — knowing the dirty deets, don’t put it in writing, man. I guess these guys should just be lucky they live in America. Otherwise, they’d be going to jail.

Sexting aside, or at least scaled back, I know more people than I can count on my hands who use their cells for communication that would be otherwise unacceptable/inappropriate/nonexistent (you name it). Hell, one friend flirts with a guy programmed into her phone as “Kim” so her boyfriend won’t open up the messages and get curious. Others show me messages from guys and girls who flirt mercilessly via text, but in person, they’re distant and nonchalant.

My motto? If you don’t have the balls to wink at me or ask me out in person, spare me the cost of a text message.

Posted by Haley