A Letter to the Artist

Dear Sophia Grace,

I think you’ve reached a new level of perfection with your epic club banger, Best Friends. Not sure if it’s the catchy as hell bassline, the relentless rap verse that kicks in at 1:28, or the fact that you’re 11 years old and boast some serious diva cred, but I really can’t get enough. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite moments in the music video, which I hope you’ll appreciate:

1. Your Pitbull-esque arm motions by the infinity pool.


Image source: www.gettyimages.com


Image source: www.jezebel.com

2. Your rebellious “mom’s closet” break-in.


Image source: www.facebook.com

Bling ring anyone?

3. The casual Dr. Dre love (aka Beats By Dre Pill product placement).


Image source: www.beatsbydre.com

4.  Your entourage of single lady back up dancers. #sass


Image source: www.inthemix.com

5.    Oh, who am I kidding? ALL OF IT.


Sarcastic & Thoroughly Amused

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