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A List of Women Who Want You To Beat Their Face In

A List of Women Who Want You To Beat Their Face In

Image via Popcrunch

When I watched the Grammys this year, I was shocked at all the attention Chris Brown was getting. Not only did he perform twice — poorly, IMHO — but he even won the award for best R&B album of the year. Has everyone completely forgotten what a serious dick this guy is? Forget any talent he might have. Not only has he never publicly accepted responsibility for beating the shit out of Rihanna, but for the past three years, he has responded to any and all forms of criticism — even questioning! — with violent outbursts (like that time he threw a chair through the window at ABC and ran out of the building shirtless) and twitter rants (all of which ultimately get deleted — way to go, PR team!).

It blows my mind that anyone in the music industry allows him the opportunity — that so many would kill for (no pun intended) — to perform when he has clearly not changed at all. But…that’s another story.

The bigger issue here — one that completely horrifies me beyond comprehension — is the myriad of responses from young women to his Grammy appearance. I’ll let their tweets speak for themselves:























I don’t even know how to form a clear or appropriate sentence following this. How? Why? WHAT THE FUCK?! Is this seriously happening? I’m not sure what or who is to blame in this case. Obsession with celebrity? Young women thinking violence is ok? Just a hugely misguided attempt to be cool? I would never in my life wish abuse on someone, and here these girls are just asking for it. Parents, you should be so proud.

Posted by Haley Rose