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A Lyft Of Equality

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A Lyft Of Equality

Image Source: Seattle Weekly

June is Pride Month, and businesses are celebrating in grander and more creative ways than ever before.

Timed around pride festivities, Lyft has implemented various features to make every rider feel comfortable and accepted. What’s new? A gender-neutral feature that allows riders to specify their preferred pronoun for their driver’s knowledge.

After downloading the app, users will now be given the option to “add your pronouns,” providing a more diverse set of pronoun options to choose from.

According to a recent Mashable interview with Lyft chief marketing officer Joy Howard, the feature is part of the rideshare app’s “Two is Too Few” campaign (referencing the two common “male” and “female” pronoun options), and seeks to “call out the gender binary engrained into our society” and “create a more inclusive platform.”

m. blog marlo marketing a lyft of equality
Image Source: Lyft

With safety being such a widespread and prominent issue with rideshare apps, many are praising the new feature and love that Lyft is positioning itself as a safe space for riders to be themselves. Lyft also introduced other safety features, like increased license plate visibility, an emergency assistance button, and mandatory feedback that will give more insight into drivers.

For others, though, there are some serious hesitations. Many Twitter users have been vocal in calling out the move, referring to it as “dangerous” and saying that “letting [drivers] know” your pronouns “can incite harassment and violence.”

Pride Month is so important to recognize, and it’s great to see influential companies taking part in conversations around gender equality. Hopefully Lyft’s actions help move the conversation forward and support a better and safer world for all!

Posted by Katie