A Month in Lessons

Well, a new month is upon us. While many people remain committed to their New Year’s resolutions, others may have already abandoned those in search of cheese fries.

Even though I’ll probably opt for the latter, I’ve learned from family, work, and friends that the best way to live a better and healthier life is through knowledge. If you find yourself repeating some of those bad habits or indulging in your guilty pleasures, no biggie! So long as you’re curious, passionate and informed, you’re on a path to success.

Here is a little list of random (and important!) news, tidbits and musings I learned this past month:

Betty White says the secret to longevity is a positive attitude. She also attributes her long life to vodka and hot dogs. Just saying.

Essential oils are seriously harmful to your cats. In case you have a furry friend at home that needs protecting.

Genius Television Producer Shonda Rhimes has announced two new shows. To replace the hole the end of Scandal will leave in our hearts (*sobs*).

Recent studies show that anxiety is continually pervasive in our society. And most aren’t receiving proper  treatment.

Women rule. But we already knew that.

Knowledge is power!

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