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A NUNU-NEW Clothing Line

A NUNU-NEW Clothing Line

Image Source: CELINUNUNU

It’s safe to say we’re all on the same page when I say this: Celine Dion is a true icon. She has done nothing but create beautiful music and encourage positivity. So, her newest project is certainly true to character.

In recent years, the (unfortunately) controversial concept of gender equality has become a major topic of discussion across the nation. With the focus remaining primarily on female empowerment and equality, men deal with inequality in other realms of our culture, too. Our very own Celine Dion has taken it upon herself to combat this issue with positivity and grace, as always.

The beloved vocalist has just announced her very own children’s clothing line, CELINUNUNU, a collaboration with NUNUNU, a children’s boutique specializing in unisex designs. CELINUNUNU will produce gender-neutral clothing styles with the hope to bring to light the issues of gender inequality across the country. The line will include over 70 stereotype-free styles created for children between the ages of 0-14.

In Celine’s own words, the main goal of this project is to “encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility.” She believes the ages the line caters to are the years in which children can find themselves as individuals and she doesn’t want the pressures and clichés of societal norms to effect the process. Celine has vouched that she tries to raise her own children with this same mindset, and hopes others will jump on board to the idea as well.

Bravo, Celine! We can’t wait to see what you create next.

Posted by Cayla