A Pastel-Colored Paradise

Need a pick-me-up on a cold, dark winter weekday? Go on Instagram and search #AccidentallyWesAnderson or @AccidentallyWesAnderson.

Ever since the debut of the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014, the dreamy, pastel-colored, perfectly-symmetrical Wes Anderson style has taken over in a whirlwind. While there were times that the fervor quieted down a bit, a new wave of it came gushing through all social media outlets earlier this year. Because, really, why not? It is a long overdue appreciation of beauty around us, in every corner of life.

Image Source: @AccidentallyWesAnderson 

For example, look at this photo of South Station in Boston – can you believe this is the ‘ordinary,’ or even ‘boring’ station that you have to come through every day as a part of your commute? But it is. In #AccidentallyWesAnderson, every mundane building is grand, every trivial thing is exciting, every hue is dreamy, and every moment is perfect. But #AccidentallyWesAnderson is not a loft art form, rather, it is simply rooted in the down-to-earth dailies. It inspires us, warms our hearts, connects us as a community, and reminds us that life is beautiful.

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