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A Quart of Coffee, Just for Me

A Quart of Coffee, Just for Me

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem: My name is Abby Steinbock and I am a coffee-holic. Seriously I can’t go through the day without at least two cups of java, and that’s assuming I’ve had my full eight hours of sleep! Now, thanks to the good folks at Starbucks, I may be able to knock out my daily caffeine hankering in one fell swoop.

Responding to consumer demand for larger cold beverages, the coffee giant is rolling out a 31-ounce drink dubbed the Trenta. As it stands, the largest offering in the Starbucks showroom is the Venti at 24 ounces. Currently being test marketed in Phoenix and Tampa, the super-sized beverage is only available in iced coffee and iced tea. Assuming it does well, the Trenta will soon be available nationwide.

Hip to the trend toward better-for-you fare, Starbucks was quick to point out that the drink doesn’t break the calorie bank.  An unsweetened Trenta iced coffee or tea is less than five calories. Even a sweetened version has fewer than 200 calories. Talk about a sweet deal!

As a girl who’s been known to dream of Big Gulp-sized lattes and IVs of Diet Mountain Dew, the nearly quart-sized drink sounds right up my alley. Now all I need is airfare to Phoenix…

Posted by Abby