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A Reason to Give Thanks

A Reason to Give Thanks

Every day, if we’re paying attention, we should be able to find at least one reason to give thanks. We can take a minute when we wake up in bed in the morning and be thankful that we’re not waking up in a shelter. When we (finally) retired our winter coats of late, we gave thanks that the temperatures rose above 70 degrees. And when we sit down at the table tonight, we can be thankful that we know there will be something to eat. But even though we can easily uncover plenty of reasons to be thankful everyday…we often don’t.  Sometimes, it takes something so impactful that you have no choice but to stop and take note. Something like that happened to me just last week.

As many of you probably already know (thank you, Facebook ;)), my boyfriend’s dog, Harley, escaped from the professionals who were supposed to watch her while he went to Rome to visit his dying father. (If bad things really do happen in threes…oy vey, I don’t want to know what’s coming next!) Over the course of three days, Harley was spotted in the South End, Back Bay, on the Esplanade, in South Boston, at the Andrew MBTA station, at South Bay Shopping Plaza, around BU Medical Center, by the Landmark Center and…finally…where I was ultimately reunited with her…on Beacon/Park Streets, close to Brookline. The only reason I know where her frightening journey took her was because of one of the reasons I have to give thanks….for so many of you. Using Facebook & Twitter, you helped me spread word of Harley’s plight, which resulted in phone calls and emails with sightings and attempts to catch her for which she simply refused to cooperate. The number of friends and acquaintances who took it upon themselves to literally walk and drive around various parts of Boston to look for her was humbling, not to mention the complete strangers who stopped me on the street as we posted signs, taking down the number and expressing their genuine concern.

So many people helped to spread the word, tweeting and retweeting and posting and reposting—a huge thank you to all.  But a few went above and beyond and I’d like to thank them publicly. All of my marlo marketing colleagues were ready to pitch in and help at a moment’s notice, from making phone calls to plastering signs to creating lists of all animal-related places we should call. Specifically, Emily Catalano, Sam Mazzarelli and our crack interns, Brooke Chateauneuf and Kerry Ricciato, for running around town, talking to folks and posting signs. Thanks also to Keri Barrett (sister of the beloved Brianne), Kenny Jervis and Dan Winslow for spending a few of their precious hours searching specific neighborhoods post-sightings. So many of my friends, clients and colleagues reached out and offered their help, including Mike & Betsy Kamio, Erica Corsano, Tom O’Keefe, Christian & Courtney Megliola and new friends who I met through this ordeal, including Debbie Lingos (check out her soon-to-launch fab website, Wendy Matarazzo, Maureen O’Hara, Chris Sullivan and Neal Rossi & Elliot Feldman of the Boston Police Athletic League.

And most importantly to BPD officer Daniel Bausemer, who called my cell phone on Friday afternoon shortly after seeing Harley’s picture at line up that day. If it weren’t for him (and all of the other BPD officers who thankfully were otherwise occupied as I sped through the city to get to her before she ran again!) this could very easily have turned out differently.  In the end, all it took for Harley to come home, after running scared for three days and eluding so many others who were trying to help her, was a recognizable face.

Last week I was definitely paying attention; thank you all for giving me so many reasons to give thanks.

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