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A Reflection on Frenemies

A Reflection on Frenemies

Image source LaughSpin

Frenemies. We’ve all had them. Hopefully, we’ve been lucky enough to have learnt our lesson the first snarky time around, but for anyone who is not aware of the term, allow me to elucidate. These sugary sweet  “palholes” as I like to call them, are the queens of the passive aggressive compliment (“Those boots look pretty good for someone with your build”) and will quickly rot your self-esteem any chance they get. And let’s not forget their penchant for using the ever-so-slightly derogatory compound words, “you skinny-bitch”!

I’d forgotten what it’s like to have a frenemy (thankfully I chucked mine on graduation day with the same ferocity with which I tossed my cap) and was reminded of the term only recently when I came upon the Funny or Die frenemy video series featuring Happy Endings comedian Eliza Coupe. It pains me to admit how diabolically hysterical I found “Two of the worst people ever sit down for lunch.” The satire, both brilliantly poignant and frighteningly accurate, left me gleefully snickering at the two-faced nature of the girls’ friendship. Don’t even get me started on “Two of the worst people ever go to the nail salon.” I laughed so hard I swear I strained an ab (and will henceforth never be able to eavesdrop in nail salons without quietly chortling to myself).

Reflecting back on my frenemy experiences, it must be said that humans are in general an extremely social species, and therefore a friendless existence has just as many, if not more, drawbacks then a frenemy-filled social calendar. But if you want to be happy (and by extension, amazingly awesome), having lots of friends is much less important than having good ones. So, if you’ve got a shoulder-perching demon friend squawking insults in your ear, I say drop ‘em like it’s hot.

Just out of curiosity, do men really have frenemies?

Posted by Jenna