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A Sad Goodbye

A Sad Goodbye

My post-work routine is flawless. I step over the threshold into my apartment, drop my bag wherever, immediately change into sweats, pour myself a glass of wine and settle in to battle my boyfriend in Jeopardy! Note: he always beats me. But I remain confident in my chances!

For the past two weeks, we’ve grown to know the robot they call Matt Jackson; a 23-year old (yup, that’s right) paralegal from Washington, D.C. who has been dominating the competition. During opening credits, we’d tip our glasses and chuckle at the poor shmucks who thought they had a chance against Matt. Then the camera would pan to him and his signature slow smile would have us reaching for our phones to share the haunting scene via Snapchat. Our favorite moment during his 13-episode winning streak was definitely the time he pulled a Daily Double answer out of thin air and celebrated with a solo-fist pound and a shout “Boom!” [Video link below – you won’t be sorry]

Video source Vine

But alas, the quick-to-the-buzzer, no-nonsense mastermind’s streak has ended. In a close match that ended with a 3-wrong-answer Final Jeopardy, Matt Jackson made the bold move to bet nearly everything.  And on that fateful night, we said our sorrowful goodbye to Matt who had entertained us and the Internet-universe for weeks.

If you missed him this time around, don’t worry! He’ll be back for the annual Tournament of Champions next month. Set your DVRs now!


Posted by Hillary