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A Strange Way You Could Determine How Gullible Your Friends Really Are

A Strange Way You Could Determine How Gullible Your Friends Really Are

I recently read a feature in an accessories trade magazine that highlighted this $54 monogram script necklace as a suggestion for retailers to add to their jewelry offerings. At first I was impressed with the retail price since $54 is a pretty good deal for these types of necklaces but, then, after reading about what the designer is calling the “Universal Monogram,” I realized that this is not a real three-letter monogram. It’s a big swirly mess meant to look like a real monogram.

The idea is this: wear this necklace and trick your friends into thinking that those are really your initials. They will never know, right? You can hardly decipher monogram designs anyway, so who cares? Save yourself the time it takes to order a real necklace that actually consists of a custom-made three-letter monogram of your first initial, last initial and middle initial and sport this fake monogram around trying to be fashionable. Err…as creative as this is (got to give the designer props for trying!), I’m going to pass and stick to wearing a pendant that actually means something to me.

Posted by Brianne

Image source Accessories Magazine