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A TV That Reads Minds?

A TV That Reads Minds?

Hitachi recently announced that, in about three to four years, we could all be sitting on our couch in front of the TV, think about what we feel like watching, and the TV will change to that channel. Interesting, huh? Can we get any more lazy? While a brain-powered remote control is a great invention for people with disabilities, the way that NPR reported the news, they made it sound like ALL of us could soon start using this type of brain-reading remote control in the privacy of our own living rooms.

I have some issues with my remote on a regular basis. It’s usually a major strug-fest and with the “guide” options, the hundreds of HD channels and DVR I feel like I spend more time flipping through all the possible shows I could watch rather than just picking one. It seems to move slowwww too. Sometimes I even throw my remote down and walk out! So, if there was some type of affordable, mind-reading remote control marketed to the masses in the next few years, would you buy it?? I think it’s safe to say…I would!

Posted by Brianne