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A Whale Of A Tale

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A Whale Of A Tale

Image Source: Lonely Planet 

Famous prankster Steve O may pull some stupid stunts, but even he knows that whales and other marine mammals do not belong in tanks. Back in October of 2015 the Jackass star landed himself in LA County jail for 30 days after protesting Seaworld on top of a crane after watching the documentary Blackfish. And I must say, after watching a baby whale calf torn from her mother right after birth — same, Steve O, same.

While I’m all about freeing the orcas (I even have a 4Ocean Save The Whales bracelet), releasing them back into the wild is sadly not the answer. Whales that have lived a lifetime in captivity would die almost instantly if they were set back into the wild.

However, Iceland (of course, because everything is better there), has come up with the first natural habitat whale sanctuary. Sea Life Trust is working on rescuing beluga whales kept in captivity and transporting them to an enclosed bay off the coast of Iceland. The rescued whales get to enjoy the remainder of their lives in a natural habitat without the predatory threats or need to hunt, skills they would need to survive in the wild but have never been taught.

The first-of-its-kind sanctuary gained two beluga whales in June after six years of planning their international transport from a sea park in China to the bay in Iceland. Little Grey and Little White (those names are just “aww”- worthy) are swimming happily as we speak and can even be spotted on guided boat tours by Sea Life. And, to add the cherry on top of this feel-good sundae, the bay where the whales now reside is the same place Free Willy was shot, keeping this sanctuary #OnBrand with its animal rescue efforts!

Posted by Molly