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A Whopping Dose of Realness marlo marketing

A Whopping Dose of Realness

Image Source: AdWeek via Burger King

When I think of a typical fast food commercial, I think of perfectly pristine burgers and mouthwatering fries. In real life, it’s much more of an “expectation” vs. “reality” scenario when what you usually get is old, soggy buns and half melted cheese.

To that Burger King says, “bring on the moldy whopper!”

That’s right, the burger chain purposefully depicts a burger covered in mold in its latest ad to celebrate an “improved Whopper recipe” without preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. Specifically, it showcases a time-lapse of the originally appetizing Whopper’s journey from day one through 34, in all its wilting lettuce and green mold-coated glory. The commercial ends with the line: “The beauty of no artificial preservatives.”

The point of the ad, of course, it to show that fresh food indeed gets moldy. And truthfully, it’s pretty damn compelling, not to mention different from anything we’ve ever really seen from a fast food chain. That said, Twitter reactions have been mixed so far, with some questioning whether the ad helps or hurts BK…

…to others praising the commercial for being healthier and #real:


Regardless of what the Twitterverse (or you, if you can’t get that moldy image out of your head…) think, it’s pretty interesting to see the global fast food chain taking steps to improve its menu, and making sure that customers see the change!

Posted by Katie