Abreva To The Rescue

AbrevaHave you ever had a really bad cold sore? I get them at least once or twice a year and, who’s kidding who here, we all know that a cold sore is a form of a herpes (NOT that kind of herpes)! Recently, after a weekend in the sun (a.k.a. a recipe for disaster for my lips), I developed three cold sores on my bottom lip. Now if you know anything about these painful lip sores, you would know that they need to be taken care of immediately. So, I raced down the street to CVS and picked up the miracle drug—ABREVA!

That’s right—I say miracle drug and I mean it! Apply it two to three times daily and your lips will clear up quickly and painlessly. However, you have to be willing to dish out some cash—when the cash register reads $25 for a .07 oz tube, you’ll probably gasp like I did the first time I bought it. Don’t be discouraged though, it’s worth every penny spent—and then some!

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