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Absolut. Balenciaga. Christian Loubouton. The ABC’s of Branding in S.A.T.C.

Absolut. Balenciaga. Christian Loubouton. The ABC’s of Branding in S.A.T.C.

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Even the most casual Sex and the City fan could tell you that the show liked to name drop brands a lot. Over six years and 94 episodes, S.A.T.C.’s leading ladies expanded the brand vocabularies of fans the world over. A tween in Rhode Island probably shouldn’t have known what Loubouton’s were, but thanks to the show, I did.

A decade has passed since the show’s final on air broadcast, and just in case any memories of the consumer-obsessed program had started to fade, artist Pierre Buttin’s “Brands and the City” is here to remind you. At nearly ten minutes long, the video features alphabetized clips of every single brand mention during the show’s six year run.

AdWeek’s Michelle Costello breaks down which brands got the most love:

“In case you were wondering, the most uttered name was Vogue (36 times), followed closely by “martini” (34 times), though that’s a questionable inclusion since it’s not a brand. The humble Post-it came in at eighth place with 14 mentions, but probably left the most lasting brand impression. Because, seriously, who breaks up with someone via Post-it?”

The video really is a thing of majesty. Click here to watch it in full.

Posted by Erin K.