According to BuzzFeed, Easter Butts Are Better Than Easter Eggs

While I’ve never found great joy in decorating Easter eggs, I’ve also never thought to myself, “gee, painting male models’ asses would be much more satisfying.” Maybe I have a small imagination, but the creative and slightly twisted minds over at BuzzFeed had that exact thought. Cue the “Year of the Easter Butt.”

If the post-Easter blues have got you down, you don’t have to wait until next year to break out another dozen hardboiled  eggs. Just grab your best looking male friend, a leftover Easter basket to cover their junk and get painting – with glow in the dark, 3D and emoji-themed options, there’s plenty of inspiration to get you started.

For the Nudist/Easter Purist:

For the Raver:

For the Millennial:

For Those Who Miss Their Bedazzler:

For the Parents of Small Children (just kidding):
All Photo Source BuzzFeed

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