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Achin’ for Some Bacon

Achin’ for Some Bacon

First, the brought you the Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock. Next, came bacon cologne. And now, introducing: the Maple Bacon Sundae.

Bacon is one of those ingredients that refuses to step out of the spotlight.  Some chi-chi cuisine-aires try to claim the bacon trend is kaput, but most people refuse to put bacon in the corner. How can you, after all? It’s crispy (when done correctly), salty, fatty, and literally makes EVERYTHING taste better.

The Maple Bacon Sundae is part of Denny’s new campaign, Baconalia, which means “A Celebration of Bacon” in made-up fast food diner talk. The Maple Bacon Sundae includes maple-flavored syrup (that amuses me), vanilla ice cream and hickory-smoked bacon scraps. I can’t decide if I really want to try this dessert because I’m absolutely famished at this moment, or because I think it could actually be delish.

Could this sundae be an effort to make Denny’s a more upscale and trend-setting fast-food dining establishment? Or is it simply a reaffirmation that — underneath it all — we Americans make up the fattest nation in the world?  Who cares?! I want some bacon!

Posted by Hannah

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