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Add Some Green to Quarantine

house plants

Add Some Green to Quarantine

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Growing up in the ‘burbs of Massachusetts I spent parts of my summers outside helping my mom tend to our little garden. She has always had a true green thumb, a trait which I haven’t inherited. Try as I might, it seemed that every succulent, cactus or herb I brought home was doomed.

While I dream of one day having a backyard garden of my own, I am currently confined to my moderately sized Boston apartment and, again, am notorious for killing plants. However, my apartment lacks a balcony and quarantine has me missing the great outdoors, so I’ve been working to make my home a little greener.

Becoming a plant mom was never my intention when social distancing started but since I discovered numerous online plant retailers and resources, I’ve developed a bit of addiction. Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?!

Here are five apartment-friendly, hard-to-kill plants that I’ve adopted and have been (so far) able to keep alive:

Snake Plant

Snake Plants love to be ignored and they can survive low light, drought, you name it. In return for your neglect, they’ll clean the air in your home.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy and plant beginners go hand in hand. This plant got its name because it’s nearly impossible to kill. It’s highly adaptable and can thrive in any lighting conditions besides full, direct sunlight. It also requires minimal watering so it’s super easy to look after.


Basil loves direct light so prop this one up by a sunny window and get ready to cook some seriously delicious pasta dishes. This herb requires a little more attention that the other plants mentioned but is worth the effort if you like to cook.

Heart-leaf Philodendron

This plant is one of my favorites — with cascading vines and glossy leaves, it makes such a fun addition to any room. Best part? It prefers low light and requires minimal maintenance. It will wilt to let you know that it needs to be watered and bounce right back.

Peace Lily

Another adaptable and low-maintenance plant, peace lilies have a cute flower that resembles a calla lily but is not a true lily. These plants manage well in darker spaces and NASA included them in their list of “Top 10 Household Air Cleaning Plants.” Peace lilies can also thrive under fluorescent lights so this plant can be easily transplanted back to your office when the time comes!

Interested in adding some greenery to your home? Do some research and find which plant fits your space best and to all my fellow black thumbs, good luck!

Posted by Kayla