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Adding An Inch to the Print Media Circuit marlo marketing

Adding An Inch to the Print Media Circuit

Image Source: Prose

One hair care brand is going to great lengths (pun intended) to broaden the conversation around inclusivity in the beauty industry. Prose is a made-to-order hair care company known for its formulas that are cruelty-free, free of sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils and are specifically made to target your personal hair needs. In early August, Prose announced they would be releasing their own print magazine, At Length. Published quarterly, the magazine will highlight inclusivity, popular topics, trends and education in the beauty industry. Their debut issue covers everything from a brief history on wigs to personal essays on the meaning and impact of hair on one’s identity. The company decided to take content beyond their established blog, P.S., because they believe “IRL is better than URL, for sure,” according to editorial assistant Emily Bowen.

Taking their brand directly into the hands of their consumers, they hope to create a stronger, more intimate bond. Unlike their blog that supplies tips and tricks for their readers, the print magazine will focus on increasing diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry, something that Prose says speaks to their values. A labor of love, the magazine is penned by six members of the Prose Brand Team and a handful of freelance writers. Every detail of the magazine from the typography to the color scheme was crafted by the Prose team and a group of talented artists who created commissioned artwork for the issue. They also held true to their promise of sustainability and partnered with a printer in New York City who holds the same ideals.

The magazine will be distributed directly to Prose subscribers, but the brand is looking to grow the magazine in the future by putting in more time and resources to eventually sell the magazine as a product or include paid partnerships to reach larger audiences than just their subscribers. It’s so refreshing to see a brand that still values traditional print media as a way to reach consumers!

Posted by Julia