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Adults Are Getting Silly Now

Adults Are Getting Silly Now

There has been a lot of media coverage of late (see: The Boston Globe, CBS News, TIME, etc) about the out-of-control popularity of these skinny rubber bracelets, called Silly Bandz, amongst the kiddie set. I first saw them worn by my teen cousins (cool, male cousins, mind you — it’s not a girl thing only!). They look like jelly bracelets but are actually formed into shapes (farm animals, dinosaurs, etc) and the company is doing really well — they have over 240,000 Facebook fans and over 2500 Twitter followers! Wild! It’s one of those gimmicky ideas that just took off. They’ve been banned in a lot of schools because they can be a “distraction” and have been used as projectiles in the classroom. Random, but ok — schools need to do what they have to do to keep kids in line!

Well, I’ve grown to like these bracelets…for myself! While I was vacationing on Nantucket this past weekend, my sister bought a pack for me ($5 for a box of 24 bracelets) and we sported them with every outfit the entire weekend (this is a pic of my sister’s wrist). Girls and guys (in their 20s and 30s) were begging us for them and we ended up handing out a bunch (it was a huge conversation starter too since people kept asking us what was on our wrists). Towards the end of the trip, when our stash was low, we stopped by an upscale boutique, Eye of the Needle, and found that they were actually selling them at the counter alongside other accessories. We picked up the “Princess” pack (I’m not kidding) and brought ‘em back to Boston to wear the rest of the summer. You may think they’re cheap, kiddish or just totally random but, I’m telling you, more and more adults will be wearing these. Please don’t ask me for mine, just order them here:

Posted by Brianne