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You Ain’t Got None Unless You Got Buns Hun

You Ain’t Got None Unless You Got Buns Hun

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Working off the calories has never been so real.

A London café just opened its first pop-up location called Run for Your Bun. Launched by the David Lloyd Leisure Group, the café will give guests a free lunch, only after they complete an intense micro-workout that lasts for six minutes. The purpose of this pop-up café is to get people moving during the work day. According to a representative from the DLL Group in an article published by British magazine The Resident, the British office worker on average spends about 90% of the week day sitting. I can only imagine the statistics for Americans…

Personally, I love this idea. I am always trying to finding new ways to incorporate fitness and healthy tactics into my every day routine. However, I find it very hard to actually implement them due to busy work days and full schedules. Although we all hear about and know about the importance of actually taking our lunch break and using it as a time to get up, walk around and rejuvenate … how many of us actually do that?

That’s what I thought…

And why not? No reward. In fact, we often view it as detrimental to our work day because we are “wasting” time and not (as we say at marlo) getting S#*t done! That’s why I think this program is genius.

If someone was going to save me the 10 bucks I spend daily on a salad, and give me a free, healthy meal  just for completing a six minute workout, I’d be all over it! Not only is this motivation for free food (everyone is ALWAYS motivated by free food), but it is also a motivation to get up and re-group during the hectic work day!

I’ll be on the lookout to see how Run for Your Bun plays out in Londontown, because I’m already eagerly waiting for it to set up shop in Boston!


Posted by Ally A.