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Air Time

Air Time

Image Source NYTimes

Despite taking both ballet and gymnastics in my formative years, I am not what one would call graceful. Dancing has never been my strong suit, and if I’m being entirely honest, I struggle with any physical activity where the top half of your body has to do something entirely different than the bottom. For this, I blame genetics. I mean, have you ever seen Irish step dancers? Those guys and gals obviously get what I’m talking about. The fancy footwork is good enough! Why complicate things by getting the arms involved?

While it hasn’t helped me win any dance competitions, my utter lack of skills in this arena has given me a healthy dose of respect and admiration for the coordinated among us. Ladies who can pull off pushups and tap backs while still peddling furiously in spin class? I tip my hat. The wannabe break dancer who still kind of sucks but is way better than I’d ever be? Props to you, sir. Given my inability to master basic Soul Cycle moves, you can imagine how my mind was absolutely blown when The New York Times introduced me to Sophina DeJesus, a U.C.L.A. gymnast who recently executed a floor routine that was not only ~flawless~ but also peppered in some of the most popular hip hop moves in recent years. In between runs, DeJesus whipped, nae nae’ed and hit the quan.

You can check out the full video below. I’ll be in the corner taking solace in the fact that I can (yes!!) in fact pat my head while simultaneously rubbing my belly. Who knows? There may be hope for me yet.


Posted by Erin M.